Portland Waterfront Engagement Photographs | Halley + Laura

So first off, these two have amazing hair.  Which coming from me, a bald man, is probably not that much of a compliment, because I'm envious of any hair, but still, I think I'm seeing beyond my own desire to have hair, in saying, DANG, Halley and Laura both have amazing hair. 

More importantly than hair, these two are just awesome.  I couldn't have had more fun with them the evening of their engagement session.  Their shoot included an insane amount of rain, like so much that I had to leave them huddled under an umbrella under a tree and go get my car to pick them up, so that they didn't get completely soaked, it was A LOT of rain.  We giggled through the whole thing.  

I believe you'll see the love and connection Halley and Laura have in these photos.  Here they are.

Halley and Laura, I'm so excited to be working with you both and looking forward to hanging with you guys and shooting your wedding in October!