If You're Scared of the Mall (and you should be). // Fine Art Prints

Hey everybody, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos that I've taken on my adventures for this last year and offer fine art prints for gifts for your friends and family. Below are a few images and click here to log in to the full gallery where you can purchase fine art prints that I ship directly to you (so you can be afraid of the mall from home, instead of at the mall)!

Leah, Welly and I are hosting the first Thanksgiving at our house this year and we are so Thankful and excited to have everyone here! I better get to cleaning on that note, but I hope everyone has a really restful Thanksgiving with the people you love.


Seasons | Hey it's cold outside?!?!?

I'm really thankful for the seasons. Each one is exciting and different, they keep things interesting. Fall has come and nearly gone. We have beautiful falls in Western Oregon, bright, rich colors and you can't ask for a more perfect temperature. The rain slowly creeps in and makes you thankful for the clear days, but prepares you to get cozy for winter. When I edited my last engagement session for last week, I "changed seasons" for the year with my business. The winter season is different. It's slower in a sense, I have a lot less shoots, but at the same time I have a lot more potential/current client meetings, marketing, accounting (this means a whole years worth of receipts in an ikea box, bad idea if you're wondering) and general upkeep work to do. It's the same work, just different. But I really like it. I like things having different seasons, and I think it's important. It gives you a chance to see things from a different perspective, to reflect, to make changes and to get excited. I take the winter season as a chance to recharge and to get inspired for the next wedding season, also a chance to sit by the fire, spend more time with my family, and of course, drink lots of coffee.

Things will be a little different on the blog for the winter months. I won't be posting quite as often and my posts will be a little different and hopefully include more photos of Wellington (Who's fifteen months old and tromping all over the place! Yikes!). I have some awesome shoots lined up for the winter and I'm really excited to share those as well, I've got one couple who's interested in getting out in the snow for an engagement session (did I mention I'm from Colorado?), which I am super stoked about.

This summer and wedding season has been amazing, thank you to all of you who've made it that way. I've had more fun behind my camera this year than ever before and it's been a huge year for me as a person and a photographer.

Although being in nature is a huge source of inspiration for my work, I don't take a ton of photos of it, not because I don't enjoy it, but because in each photo I think of how it would be better if there was a person in it, I guess I'm in the right field of work :). Here's some photos I took of the changing seasons up on a hill near our house last week.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


grateful. (Happy New Year!)

Five years ago today I married the most amazing, wise woman I've ever met. Two years ago today, Leah and I officially quit our jobs and dove full time into life as photographers, hopeful, and a little unsure if we'd be able to make it. Today I woke up next to Leah and our beautiful son Wellington, and I was extremely grateful. It's been an amazing year, an incredible one. We bought our first home, an old 1908 Farmhouse full of charm and especially full of quirks :). We had a beautiful baby boy who constantly fills us with joy and laughter, amazing us every single day.

This was the best year yet for our business, we photographed so many beautiful and meaningful weddings, family and portrait sessions. I grew to love what I do more than ever. My work is something deeply connected with me and who I am and I'm always working to make myself more free, both as a person and a photographer and I feel that this year I've had a lot of success. The voice that says "You're a wedding photographer, you should take this photo...", got at least a little bit quieter as I followed where I saw beauty and meaning and took photographs that I enjoyed more than ever. Of course that never ending journey continues....

Thank you so much to everyone who had me take photos of their wedding, family or event this year. It's been a more than amazing year. Ever since Leah and I got married we've dreamed of a certain life, and although we're not completely there yet, you all trusting us to take your photos has enabled us to step more fully into the life that we want to have and I can safely say it's so wonderful. You all have done more than support us though, you've inspired me. You've inspired me with your love, laughter and joy this year. You've given me something truly beautiful to take photos of, something real and meaningful, relationships, interactions. This is the inspiration that I bring home to Leah and Wellington after every shoot, and something that challenges me to be a better husband, father and person.

Leah I want to say thank you for everything. Thanks for being an amazing wife and an incredible mother. These five years have been so wonderful and I'm so excited for the future, I think our best years are to come. I've loved watching you this year, throughout your pregnancy, birth, and now in every moment with Wellington. Our family needs your love and wisdom, thank you for offering it so fully to us. Wellington and I both are forever better off for having you be such a huge part of our lives, and we're grateful to be your blonde haired, blue eyed boys :)

I head into the new year with so much excitement about the shoots that we have and the ways that I hope to grow as a photographer and a person. We've already got lots of amazing weddings booked that I can't wait to shoot!

I don't share much personal stuff on the blog, and I keep meaning to do it more and more, but here's some photos from our year that some of our incredible photographer friends took.

Photo Credit for the following four photos goes to the incredible Joel Bock.

Here's how what Wellington does first thing every morning...I love all his expressions. 

The amazing Emily G did an incredible job photographing Wellington's Birth.   This photo was taken moments after he was born.  Heather Espana did an amazing job for our maternity photos...

Thank you to everyone who has supported, loved and befriended us. We've had a wonderful year and can't wait for what's to come!

Happy New Year!