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Left Bank Annex Wedding Photos | Madison + Jerry

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Much of my job is being an observer.  I find it incredibly inspiring to spend such an intimate day with people, to see their relationships, their community and the culmination of two lives coming together.  Shortly after I arrived, Jerry sent Madison a gift via one of his groomsmen, and as soon as his groomsmen returned, he wanted a full report on her reaction to it, not just "did she like it", but "did she love it, how did she respond while she opened it, was it a meaningful gift to her?" (this is my paraphrasing, not an actually Jerry quote).  It was a beautiful moment outside of all of the busyness of a wedding day. 


Coordinator: Kandice Kelso w/ Green-Eyed Girl Productions

Getting Ready Venue: The Benson

Ceremony Venue: The Grotto

Reception Venue: Left Bank Annex

Florist: Patton's Country Gardens

Hair Stylist: Blossom and Beauty

Makeup: Blossom and Beauty

Wedding Dress Boutique: Bella Bianca Chicago, IL

Videographer: Totem Ent.

Caterer: DeAngelo's Catering

DJ: Apogee Events

Bakery: Saint Cupcake

Lighting: Apogee Events

Second Photographer: Sarah Greer

Madison and Jerry, thank you so much for hiring me, it's been so much fun getting to know you two.


Coopers Hall Wedding Photographs | Gen + Chris

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Crossroads, by Joyce Sutphen
The second half of my life will be black
to the white rind of the old and fading moon.
The second half of my life will be water
over the cracked floor of these desert years.
I will land on my feet this time,
knowing at least two languages and who
my friends are. I will dress for the
occasion, and my hair shall be
whatever color I please.
Everyone will go on celebrating the old
birthday, counting the years as usual,
but I will count myself new from this
inception, this imprint of my own desire.

The second half of my life will be swift,
past leaning fenceposts, a gravel shoulder,
asphalt tickets, the beckon of open road.
The second half of my life will be wide-eyed,
fingers shifting through fine sands,
arms loose at my sides, wandering feet.
There will be new dreams every night,
and the drapes will never be closed.
I will toss my string of keys into a deep
well and old letters into the grate.

The second half of my life will be ice
breaking up on the river, rain
soaking the fields, a hand
held out, a fire,
and smoke going
upward, always up.

I experienced Chris and Gen as a force (I'm using that word really intentionally) of love, and from spending a full day with them, I can see that's what they are together in this world.  They don't hold back from people, they aren't afraid to love on others, even their photographer.  What an inspiring couple and day behind the camera for me, it's not a day that didn't effect me deeply, nor one that I'll forget.

Also they wrote down their wedding theme as "Full Moon + Wolfpack", that's enough reason alone for me to really like them.


Venue:  Coopers Hall

Coordinator: Kate McMullan w/ Coopers Hall

Hair Stylist: Rachel Lara

Wedding Dress Designer: Lena Medoyeff

Florist: Fieldwork

Caterer:  Coopers Hall

Bakery: Nuvrei

Bakery: Pearl Bakery

Bakery: Petunia's

Gen and Chris, THANK YOU guys for everything and for having me photograph your wedding, it was incredible.


Hornings Hideout Wedding Photography | Shannon + Dillon

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I have never laughed as hard during a ceremony as I did during Shannon and Dillon's wedding, their officiant was hilarious, and I can't really articulate why he was so funny, but it was incredible.  Over the winter months I hiked out into the gorge with Shannon and Dillon for their engagement photos, and they are such a fun and adventurous couples, I had been looking forward to their wedding and it was a super fun and beautiful day.


Coordinator: Brooke w/ Luxe Event Productions

Make Up: Dusti Trent

Wedding Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Wedding Dress Boutique: Charlotte's Weddings

Florist: Tribes N Pines

Officiant: Bob Renggli

Videographer: DTS Productions

Caterer: Por Que No

DJ: John Ross Productions

Dessert: Papa Haydn

Lighting Specialist: Barclays

Rentals: Something Borrowed

Rentals: Classic Vintage Rentals

Rentals: Barclays

Signage + Invitations: Letters and dust

Second Photographer: Sarah Greer

Shannon and Dillon, thank you both so much for hiring me, it was so much fun spending your wedding day with your family and friends!