Jaquith Family Maternity

We love this beautiful family so much! Staci was actually the first person Bryan ever took maternity pictures of when she was pregnant with little Ella. It's so amazing to get to watch a family grow and change like this. We can't wait to meet their baby boy when he comes! I'm guessing him and our little Wellington will be good buds. In further news, congratulations to Christina and Thomas who won last week's Sneak Peek competition! They'll be getting a beautiful print for their wall because they received 22 comments! Hope everyone is having a good night.


Sneak Peek Wednesday | Part IV

We're doing lots Sneak Peeks here today, so be sure to scroll through the last couple of posts if you missed the first three parts! This family deserves a few extra pictures in their sneak peek because I just know that baby boy #2 will be here ANY day now (Yes, believe it or not, Anna is in her ninth month of pregnancy!!!). Any pregnant woman who sits in a field of wild flowers deserves to see the results as soon as possible, so here are a few favorites. They are an absolutely gorgeous family and I can't wait to show you the whole session. In the meantime, Mcginnis family, we're sending you guys our best birthing wishes! Leah

Jaquith Family Maternity | Coming Soon

We just had to put up one picture from last night's shoot for the newest member of the Jaquith family, Baby Tyler. He'll be arriving in the fall, but the rest of these pictures will be coming soon!!! Leah