Hornings Hideout Wedding | Featured

I don't really seek out getting my work featured too much, I send a few weddings to Portland Bride and Groom every year, and if I think something is a great fit for a certain publication I might submit it, but overall I've been able to find amazing clients that fit me so well without spending a lot of time submitting weddings, since I didn't become a photographer to spend my time submitting stuff (even though getting published is fantastic marketing, and I'd even recommend it, it's just not where I choose to spend my time at this phase in my life.)

Anyways, all that rambling, but I was stoked to get an email from Luxe NW, who I worked with on Shannon and Dillon's wedding at Horning's Hideout this last summer, letting me know that an image from their wedding was published on Inspired By This.  It's always an honor to have work featured, and Shannon and Dillon are incredible, as was their wedding, I'm so grateful to have gotten to work with them and their amazing vendor team, it was a moving and fun day behind the camera in Portland.  Click here to see the post.


Best of 2017

Today I went through all of my 2017 weddings, and wow what a year.  It was fun to go through and relive my year, all the different places and people, and tiny moments at each wedding.  I choose these images, because they're unique, or stand out to me for some reason, this doesn't mean that they're the most beautiful images I took necessarily, but it means they have some element beyond just a pretty picture. 

Initially I chose over 400 images, but had to narrow down to 250 for a single blog post on squarespace.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me to photograph their wedding this year, and also to all of my 2018 clients, I'm so looking forward to another great year. 

Happy New Year!

Boise Family Photographer | Anna + Elsie

Anna is a local Boise Photographer, click here to see her beautiful work.  I spent a freezing cold, but very beautiful afternoon wandering around the Boise foothills in Hulls Gulch with her and her daughter Elsie.  I was really inspired by the desert color palette, the sunshine, and watching Anna and Elsie interact.