Courtney & Mark (+ Quincey)

I've known of Courtney Jade for a long time, but I was so excited to finally meet her at her and Mark's photo session. Courtney is a fantastic photographer and graphic designer. You can see her work at her photography website by clicking here, and of course, because she's a graphic designer she has gorgeous design and branding. Courtney and Mark were both so awesome and so much fun at their session. They were both really laid back and I was inspired by them because they were both so humble and kind. We decided to have the session at a U-pick apple orchard, because orchards are so beautiful, and Mark also really likes apples. Marquam Meadows Fruit Company was kind enough to let us use their orchard even though they weren't open! Thank you so much you guys! Courtney and Mark also brought along their dog Quincey, which added some fun flare to the session, as did all of the awesome props they brought.

Courtney and Mark, thank you so so much for hiring me to take your photos. It was so great to finally meet you both and I'm really glad for the time we had to hang out. I hope everyone had a great Wednesday today!


The B Family!

It's such an honor when friends ask me to take their family photos. Leah and I have known Kyle and Katie for years and they're the type of people that you always wish you had been able to hang out with more. They live in Idaho so we don't see them often, but they recently came to the Oregon Coast and I was able to meet up with them to meet their beautiful daughter and take their family photos. Even though we didn't get the golden light I was hoping for, it wasn't windy, and for the Oregon Coast that's plenty nice enough for me. I'm always struck, when doing a session with friends, what a fun experience it is for me to watch them interact as a family, it's like I'm an outsider getting to watch all of these beautiful moments they share. Here's what I captured....

Kyle and Katie, thanks so much for hiring me to take your family photos, and for taking time out of your vacation (not that having photos taken isn't like a vacation in and of itself :)), to spend the evening with me. As always it was so great to see you guys and wonderful to meet Isabelle.



Joel (who is a fantastic photographer!), Cherice and Espen are some of Leah and my dearest friends here in Newberg. We're lucky enough to spend lots of time laughing and hanging out with them, but there was something special about taking pictures of them. I got to observe them through my camera and watch all of the beautiful interactions and fun that they share. I walked away from the session really grateful for the chance to spend time with my friends in this way and to have the chance to see them from a different perspective. Here's what we came up with...

Thanks Joel, Cherice and Espen, we love you guys!

Bryan & Leah