Horsetail Falls Engagement Photographs | Jami + Cass

This shoot was so inspiring for me.  I LOVE The Gorge, waterfalls, hiking and just generally being outside.  So I was stoked that Jami and Cass were up for hiking the Horsetail Falls trail for their engagement photos.  They love hiking too and are a really fun and adventurous couple.  When we started out the weather looked amazing, I was prepared for rain and thought we had lucked out.  After we hiked up to Ponytail Falls, the rain moved in pretty fast (see the photos of the clouds/fog in the gorge below).  We made it back to our cars, sufficiently soaked, and stoked about the photos.  I hope to get out on more adventures like this for my shoots, and thank you Jami and Cass for hanging out and doing this hike with me.