Hi-Lo Hotel Portland Wedding | Lianne + Steph

My heart was so full after the time I spent with Li and Steph.  I spent two different days photographing their wedding celebration, their ceremony one day at the Hi-Lo Hotel in downtown Portland, and then their reception two days later at an urban space in SE Portland. 

You can see it in these photos, these two have an energy to their relationship that is tangible.  I've been a wedding photographer for ten years, and they are two of the easiest people that I've ever photographed, just get them near each other and boom.  I left their wedding feeling humbled and grateful that I was the one who got to spend two days with these two, photographing such intimate and meaningful events.  Also they had a pinata, and that is a big deal, check the pics...

Steph and Lianne, thank you so much for hiring me, nothing but wonderful working with you guys.