Coopers Hall Wedding Photographs

I can't think of these two without smiling, and without thinking of 90's hip hop, which in my book, are both fantastic things in life.  I absolutely loved working with these two and getting to know them.  They're kind and caring, they're hilarious and stylish, and they have fantastic taste in music.  I spent 14 hours behind my camera for their wedding and the time flew by, it was so much fun, because Amanda and Kellen and their friends and family made it that way.  Click here to view their incredible preview film by Watertown Films


Getting Ready: Courtyard Marriott

Ceremony Venue: St Marys

Reception Venue: Coopers Hall

Caterer: Coopers Hall

DJ: Ryan Hein w/ Perfect Memory DJ

Videographer: Craig Flood w/ Watertown Films

Bakery: Beaverton Bakery

Second Photographer: Emily Gigoux

Amanda and Kellen, thank you so much for all of your kindness and for being such awesome people, nothing but pleasure everytime I got to hang out with you guys.  Thanks for the great playlist too!