Vista Hills Wedding | David + Jori

This was such an incredible and fun wedding.  I'm going to cover a few highlights, but there was so many awesome aspects of this wedding, starting with David and Jori themselves, who are such a rad, and really fun couple. 

First of all, David rode into the ceremony on a horse, and both him and Jori exited the ceremony on horseback.  Then David used a saber to cut the top off of a champagne bottle, followed by him playing with his reunited band that he played in in middle school.  Add to all of these things a bunch of laughter, dancing, and people having a great time and it was a super fun and meaningful event to be a part of.


Venue: Vista Hills Vineyard

Caterer: Red Hills Market




Second Photographer: Emily Gigoux

David and Jori, thank you so much for hiring me to take your wedding photographs, it's been so wonderful working with you both.