McMenamins Edgefield Wedding | Arianne + Bruno

I really admire Arianne and Bruno, I smile everytime I think of them.  I'd describe what they have as not only connection, but a deep, deep comfort with both themselves and each other, which is something so beautiful and fluid, something that seems so natural and easy, something that flows,  and something completely gorgeous.  I found myself constantly laughing with them, and feeling so at ease throughout all of their wedding day, because that's the tone they set with each other and everyone else.

Reception Venue: McMenamins Edgefield

Coordinator: Clara Prothero

Hair Stylist: Aryka Chrupalo w/ Vivid Chromatics

Makeup: Aryka Chrupalo w/ Vivid Chromatics

Wedding Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Wedding Dress Boutique: Charlotte's Weddings and More

Florist: Abundant Blooms

Officiant: Rev. Eilidh Lowery

Caterer: McMenamins Edgefield

DJ: Ryan Prothero

Dessert: McMenamins

Ceremony Venue: Capitol Hills United Methodist Church

Arianne and Bruno, thank you so much for hiring me to shoot your wedding, and for all the laughs and such a fun day.

Second Photographer: Emily Gigoux